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Thursday, 24th January 2019

Selection of a contractor for the award of the deliverable: "Legal recommendations"

For the award of the deliverable: "Legal recommendations", under the project: SYNERGIES FOR GREEN GROWTH INITIATIVE-ENERGISING THE IMPACT OF INNOVATION IN THE MEDITERRANEAN (SYNGGI), project approved under Interreg EU MED Programme, in which the company DYNAMIC VISION participates, there were (2) tenders received and evaluated. The tenders were in compliance with the technical specifications and conditions of the Declaration. Each tenderer has been assessed and evaluated and the contract has been awarded to the offer with the overall highest score of 90,50 points. The winning tenderer was Dr. Antonios Kolimenakis.

Random Projects

Monday, 3rd September 2018

Interreg MED Integrated project - EnerNETMob - “Mediterranean Interregional Electromobility Networks for intermodal and interurban low carbon transport systems”

EnerNETMob aims to draft, test and improve parallel “Sustainable Electromobility Plans” according to common standards and low carbon policies, in order to set an “Interregional Electromobility Network” crossing cities of all the Interreg MED area. The project promotes sharing mobility and land-sea intermodality using electric transport systems, by implementing interurban and interregional pilot networks of Electric Vehicles Supply Equipment (EVSE) also co-powered by Renewable Energy Sources. It will develop electromobility solutions and will test pilot actions to overcome medium-trip limitations and to coordinate future investments on electric transport. 

Funding Programme: Interreg MED 2014-2020 
Programme objective tackled: Axis 2, sub-objective 2.3 
European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) co-financing rate: 85% 
Total budget: 5,742,802.10 euro 
Project duration: 48 months